Matte Finish Detailer + Sealant 16oz

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Matte Finish Detailer + Sealant

The first Matte and Satin finish detailer and UV protectant for all interior and exterior matte finish paints, vinyl, vinyl wraps, dashboards, motorcycles and motorcycle helmets. Products containing wax, silicone or surfactants with high ph can permanently damage matte finishes. Ducky Matte Finish was designed to safely remove oils, dust, grime, finger prints, bird dropping and grease while restoring and protecting the original matte finish. Also works on gloss surfaces.

Ducky Matte Finish with spray sealant technology cleans, protects and makes future clean-up easier.

Wax and Silicone Free

• Retains Factory Matte Finish Appearance

• UV Protection

• Spray Sealant technology

• Only Mfg. Endorsed Product for Safe use on Matte Finish Motorcycle Helmets (see endorsement below)

How To Use:

  1. Spray product to area to be cleaned
  2. Using a microfiber towel gently wipe in one direction to lift dirt, never rub hard
  3. Flip to clean portion of microfiber towel and dry to expose factory matte finish look

Factory Endorsement | Schuberth North America | Helmet manufacturer

"I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to try out your Matte Finish Detailer. We have a couple of matte finish helmets in our line and have had a hard time finding a product that takes proper care of them. We have even experienced cleaning products that have caused damage to the finish.

We here at the Schuberth North America Service Center were thrilled to see how well your product works. Knowing that it not only cleans, but protects, and does so without any petroleum components means that we will definitely suggest Ducky Matte Finish Detailer to all of our dealers and customers looking for a superior cleaning product for all their matte finish needs. Thank you for developing and sharing this excellent product!"

Phil Chapman
Technical and Customer Support Specialist
Schuberth North America

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