Quik Clean & Wax 16 oz. Spray Bottle

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Quik Clean & Wax

QUIK CLEAN & WAX is a premium spray detail product containing slick lubricants to lift away surface contaminants without scratching and carnauba wax for a superior high gloss waxed finish. Quik Clean & Wax adds longevity to all base coat waxes and sealants and is the easiest way to keep your boat or car clean and waxed between regular scheduled washing. Quik Clean & Wax will perform light cleaning tasks, removing airborne contaminants, fresh water spots, bird droppings, finger prints and surface dirt while leaving a slick wax finish.

Also Available in Gallon size

BOATERS: Quik Clean & Wax is the first product you should reach for when wiping down at the end of a day on the water. Quik Clean & Wax will clean and add additional wax and even remove fresh water spots. The formulation of this product is free of mild acids contained in water spot removal products and is, by its nature, a true detail product. Only Use water spot removers when Quik Clean & Wax is ineffective at removing them.

Use On: Boats, Auto, Motorcycle, RV's, fiberglass, gel-coat, clear-coat, painted surfaces, chrome and plastics. ALWAYS apply using microfiber towels.

• Premium Detail Product UVA/UVB Protection
• Adds Longevity to Waxes and Sealants
• Enhances Color
• Wet Look Finish

Enthusiasts like Quik Spray Detail products for their ability to clean and wax conveniently between regular scheduled cleaning and detailing

How To Use:

  • Spray product over a 2' x 2' area.
  • Using a folded micro fiber towel gently guide towel over area in one direction lifting up all surface dirt.
  • Flip microfiber towel to clean dry portion and buff to brilliant shine.
  • If removing bird dropping, spray product on affected area and gently blot towel to area. Do not attempt to scrub off, lift dirt gently away from surface. Flip to dry clean portion of towel and buff dry to brilliant shine. Re-apply product if necessary.
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