Water Spot Remover for Glass 8oz Bottle

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Water Spot Remover For Glass and Chrome.

  • • Acid Free Formula
  • • Safe to Breath Non-Toxic
  • • Easy to Use
  • • No Mixing, No Mess
  • • Apply By Hand or Machine

Easy to use Ducky professional grade Water Spot Remover for Glass and Chrome rapidly removes water spots, mineral deposits, calcium deposit, rust stains, tree sap, paint over-spray, soap film and mildew stains from glass and chrome. Leaves surface free of deposits while restoring optical clarity on glass and chrome.

How It Works;

Ducky Water Spot Remover for Glass and Chrome is specially formulated with micro abrasives that rapidly diminish hard water spots from all glass and chrome surfaces. This Acid Free Formula is truly remarkable. Unlike common calcium and mineral deposit removal products found on store shelves our formulation is safe and Free of Toxic Fumes encountered with other products, especially when working in closed quarters such as showers and bathrooms. Ducky Water Spot remover for Glass and Chrome is surely the go to product for all glass and chrome surfaces.

Photos Below: Removing Water Spot from Auto Glass


Applying Product


How To Use:
  1. 1. Shake well.
  2. 2. Apply to clean towel or rag.
  3. 3. Apply to affected area using light pressure in back-and-forth motion (spot test on chrome and gently apply to avoid any scratching this product contains mild abrasives)
  4. 4. Buff dry and inspect area.
  5. Re-apply if necessary
  6. * When applying to chrome always test first in inconspicuous area, some chrome may be prone to easy scratching. This product may also remove any printing on glass and chrome such as measurement marking on coffee pots or mfg logo's on chrome fixtures.


"I had severely etched windows & doors which I tried a multitude of remedies for and spent substantial amounts of money and time all with negative results.
I was preparing for another disappointment when I found the DUCKY PRODUCTS website, and ordered a bottle of DUCKY WATER SPOT REMOVER FOR GLASS. This product far exceeded ALL my expectations and then some! Not only did it remove all of the water spots and etching from my windows and sliding glass doors, but it also POLISHED THE GLASS! The windows and doors (which are 10 years old) have never looked better! Even better than the day they were installed!
If any person has any doubts of the quality or dependability of this product, either call the company at 628-797-7236 or call me at 941-629-8592. This product is the ultimate exception to all the hyped up claims made by other manufacturers of inferior products. THIS REALLY WORKS!!!"

Jim Walsh – More Than Satisfied Customer

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