Our company is a fiberglass repair shop specializing in Marine and RV repair and restoration.
We recently were introduced to the Ducky line of products in our shop. In 30 years of experience in detailing and restoration, these are the best products we have ever used! They have now replaced the 3M, Meguiars, and Starbrite products we used to use. Our goal is to give a shine and protection on our customers investments that will last beyond what other shops have to offer, and Ducky products have helped us achieve that goal! We would gladly recommend them to any “do-it-yourselfer” or professional shop.

Best Regards,
Mike Brooks

“I’ve been using Ducky original water spot remover for a few years now on my Waverunners. It takes the hard water spots left from the Colorado River right off, even if a wait a couple days. The spots left from that river are a lot worse than spots left from ocean water. Today, I found a new use: I have a diesel truck that leaves exhaust deposits on the rear bumper. I usually have to use some elbow grease to get it off, but since I was using Ducky to get water spots off my bumpers, I decided to give it a try. The hardened black crud wiped right off (had to do it twice, but still way better than usual).

I rarely leave product reviews, but Ducky has impressed me. I didn’t realize there was a whole line of Ducky products, but now that I know, I intend to try some of them. Thank you for keeping up the American way by making a quality product.”

Dave in AZ and SoCal

Dear Mr. Duck,
As a consumer, I am constantly bombarded with advertising, infomercials and all other forms of promotion geared to selling their product or service while making outlandish claims that claim results not obtainable from any other source other than their product. Most times, the expectation is far greater than the reality, and the product or service fails to live up to the buildup.

I had severely etched windows & doors which I tried a multitude of remedies for and spent substantial amounts of money and time all with a negative result.
I was preparing for another disappointment when I found the DUCKY PRODUCTS website, and ordered a bottle of DUCKY WATER SPOT REMOVER FOR GLASS. This product far exceeded ALL my expectations and then some! Not only did it remove all of the water spots and etching from my windows and sliding glass doors, but it also POLISHED THE GLASS! The windows and doors (which are 10 years old) have never looked better! Even better than the day they were installed!
If any person has any doubts of the quality or dependability of this product, either call the company at
628-797-7236 or call me at 941-629-8592. This product is the ultimate exception to all the hyped up claims made by other manufacturers of inferior products. THIS REALLY WORKS!!!

Jim Walsh – More Than Satisfied Customer

About a year ago I bought the Ducky Water Spot Remover at a Checkers Parts in Tucson. I had my doubts about the effectiveness of this product until I tried it at a local car wash. Never had my BLACK Dodge Dakota looked so good. I had tried numerous other products beforehand in an effort to remove the water spots from my vehicle, all of which failed. Sure there are messy glass polishes and paint polishes, but even these did not meet my expectations. Not only was Ducky Water Spot Remover fast and easy to use, it is also THE MOST EFFECTIVE WATER SPOT REMOVER I have ever used. I have tried every method known to man in water spot removal. I bought glass cleaners, polish, and even other so called water spot removers. I even tried nonconventional methods such as vinegar and razor blades on the windshield. In all my efforts not one product came close the the performance of Ducky Water Spot Remover.

Keep up the good work!

I was wondering if you sell your products in larger quantities. Do you sell gallon refill sizes? If so, I would be interested in gallon sizes for the Water Spot Remover. I have used your products for the last two years and it works like nothing else on water spots for the boat.

Yes, John. We sell gallons too.

“Thank you for the great Ducky product. It worked just like you said it would and I could not be more pleased with the results. I gave one of the bottles to our club president who had spots on the ski for over three years and it worked like a charm. We are very happy with how it works and we would like to add your site to our club website. With your permission I will add your link with your name and number. Attached are the before and after pics from my ski. I think after my next ride I will try the plus only with my clean ski and see if that does the trick.”

Thanks again,

“The show went great! Thank you very much! I had 89 boats and raised $5000 for the Crusade for Children. You should be getting a letter in the mail in the next few days. Your product was a great hit! I’ve had anglers that have already contacted me telling me that your products work great.
I look forward to working with you again next year.”

Sergeant Wayne Mosely

Dear Ducky –
“I bought a boat while I was living in Arizona and was unable to find a product to remove the water spots from my outboard motor. I searched and search and couldn’t find anything to remove the spots. I moved to Minnesota and found Ducky’s orginal water spot remover. It removed water spots that no other product would remove with ease.”

Thank You!!!
Jason Schmitt

Hi Richard,
“We just tried your water spot remover for the first time last weekend on our boat. We have tried a few different products, sad to say vinegar was one of them, we did not realize it would strip away all our hard work polishing and detailing, anyway we purchased a very expensive product at the last boat show and it did not remove the water spots. I sent an email to the company and told them I was disappointed and was there any other way of removing the spots. They told me we should polish our boat with at least three coats after each use with their boat polish and then use the spot remover. I’m sorry, but we use our boat every 2nd weekend and I just can’t see us doing that much polishing. Well, after a week at Havasu using our boat everyday and leaving it in the slip each night, I decided to try your product.

WELL, let me tell you both my husband and myself (and others who also bought the other product and realized it didn’t work) were amazed. It took all the water marks off with very little effort and left the boat with a smooth feel to the touch. Even our three coats of polish looked awesome after we were done removing the water marks. Thank you, we are very pleased and will be purchasing Ducky Products in the future again.”

Thank You,
Efficient Data Storage

“I just placed an order for more of your products because of how delighted I am with your hard water stain remover. I have a 2004 Mazda RX8 which I parked in front of my home for over 2 months – while the sprinklers splashed it every day and the hard water stains cooked on in the heat of the summer. And, the water here in Upland is very hard water and the stains were very chalky and rough to the touch.

Finally, I got a note from the Upland PD that I needed to move my car – as it was obvious it had been parked on the street for quite some time. So, with a bit of effort getting the battery charged, etc. I moved the car back into my driveway. After I took a look at the hard water stains on the passenger side of the vehicle, I figured that I would probably have to have the car repainted – it really looked awful, and I (thought) I knew from past experience that it was impossible to get hard water stains off of a car paint job. That’s what they tell you at the Car Washes anyway.

So, I did a little research on the ‘net and found your product. Decided to order a couple of bottles, because what the heck, it was a lot less expensive to give it a try than to just run out and repain the car, and logically I could see where the marine industry would have a great need for this type of product. Set aside a couple of hours to try and clean the car. I was amazed – using white cotton terry shop towels, I was completely done in less than half an hour. And, it took no more elbow grease than cleaning my kitchen counter! The hard water stains were ALL gone – from the body of the car, as well as the plastic of the headlights and tail lights. It only took about another half hour and with a little harder rubbing, and all of the hard water stains came off of the chrome wheels as well!

What a great product!! That works!! Really, really well – without hard rubbing!!! And not rough at all on the skin of your hands!! I am truly impressed. I look forward to receiving your clean and wax product and your general purpose cleaner which I ordred this evening – if they work as well as the hard water cleaner did – I’m sure I will be just as happy with these products too.”

Upland Ca.