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Defender Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic Guard

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  • Multi Use: Water-based formula is engineered to repel dirt and grime while leaving surface dry to the touch with no oily residue. Performs light cleaning, conditions and beautifies vinyl seats, rubber and plastic trim, tires, dashboards and cabinets.
  • UV Protection: Defender protects against UV rays and extreme heat that can cause damage and discoloration, it guards vinyl, plastic and rubber trim that is vulnerable to cracking and color fading.
  • Sealant Technology: Innovative formula forms a molecular bond with the surface meaning less product is required, blacks are blacker, colors are deeper while protecting substrate against harsh environmental contaminants.
  • Conditioning: Perfect for conditioning and protecting your boats or vehicle's exterior and interior trim while providing it with an ultimate shine. Inhibits cracking, fading and hardening.