The Recognized Authority In Water Spot Removal since 1989

Ducky Products proudly presents, the "Ultimate Line-Up" in water spot removal. If water spots are a frequent challenge, we guarantee our products will make your life easier. Ducky Products have been helping people just like you for over 30 years. We carry a wide variety of surface treatment products for multiple applications, but it all started with water spots. Ducky has been researching, testing, formulating, and perfecting superior water spot removal products since 1989

Original Water Spot Remover

        Developed in 1989, The Original Ducky Water Spot Remover remains the most popular and sought after product of its kind. DUCKY WATER SPOT REMOVER effectively eliminates hard water spots which over time will etch into any surface making them a permanent fixture on your boat, car or motorcycle. Just spray on affected area and watch as hard water deposits are easily dissolved away leaving a newly restored surface free of calcium and mineral deposits that corrode and can severely damage all surfaces. The cleaning power of Ducky Original Water Spot Remover doesn't stop at the water spot's edge. It's amazingly effective at removing exhaust deposits from the transom and chrome exhaust tips. This is usually a combination of hard water and exhaust deposits mixed together. Original Water Spot Remover formula is free of wax and gloss enhancers and is recommended for use on matte, flat, denim or on surfaces where no wax or gloss enhancement is desired. If wax coating is desired Ducky Water Spot Plus, w/wax, may be preferred. Ducky Original Water Spot Remover can be used to remove hard water spots on chrome kitchen and bathroom fixtures as well. 

Water Spot "Plus"

      From the recognized authority on Water Spot Removal, Ducky Products is proud to introduce Water Spot "Plus" with Grade 'A' White Carnauba Wax. Water Spot "Plus" acts as a 2 in 1 product effectively eliminating hard water deposits while delivering a high gloss wax and UV protected surface. Water Spot "Plus" is most effective on water spots in their earliest stages and should be used ASAP. When used as directed Water Spot "Plus" eliminates the need for our more aggressive formula like Xtreme Water Spot Gel.

Water Spot Remover for Glass

Easy to use Ducky professional grade Water Spot Remover for Glass and Chrome effectively removes water spots and mineral deposits. Leaves surface free of deposits while restoring optical clarity to glass and chrome. 

Water Spot Remover for Natural Stone Surfaces & Plumbing Fixtures

Easy to use formula: Easily clean water spots, soap film and grout haze from natural stone. For use on granite, marble, travertine, porcelain, ceramic tile, counter tops, walls, floors and plumbing fixtures. Acid free and non-flammable formula safely removes hard water and mineral deposits.

Quik Clean & Wax

Quik Clean & Wax is a premium spray detail product containing slick lubricants to lift away surface contaminants without scratching and carnauba wax for a superior high gloss waxed finish. Quik Clean & Wax adds longevity to all base coat waxes and sealants and is the easiest way to keep your boat or car clean and waxed between regular scheduled washing. Quik Clean & Wax will perform light cleaning tasks, removing airborne contaminants, fresh water spots, bird droppings, finger prints and surface dirt while leaving a slick wax finish.

Matte Finish Detailer + Sealant

The first Matte and Satin finish detailer and UV protectant for all interior and exterior matte finish paints, vinyl, vinyl wraps, dashboards, motorcycles and motorcycle helmets. Products containing wax, silicone or surfactants with high ph can permanently damage matte finishes. Ducky Matte Finish was designed to safely remove oils, dust, grime, finger prints, bird dropping and grease while restoring and protecting the original matte finish. Also works on gloss surfaces.

Mighty Tidy - Vinyl & Fabric Cleaner

Mighty Tidy Vinyl & Fabric Cleaner concentrated, odor free, anti-bacterial, ph balanced power cleaning formula with naturally derived citrus extracts guarantees superior cleaning results. It is the ultimate vinyl and fabric cleaner! Strong on stains, grease, grime and dirt yet gentle on sensitive fabrics and carpets Mighty Tidy goes beyond fabric and vinyl cleaning use this product to clean engine bays and much more.

Defender Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic Guard

Defender Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic Guard is perfect for conditioning and protecting your boats or vehicle's exterior and interior trim while providing it with an ultimate shine. Protecting vinyl seats, exterior plastic and rubber trim can be a challenging part of boat and auto maintenance. UV rays and extreme heat can cause damage and discoloration, leaving the vinyl, plastic and rubber trim on your boat or vehicle vulnerable to cracking and color fading. Our water-based formula is engineered to repel dirt and grime while leaving surface dry to the touch with no oily residue associated with many like products. Special sealant technology means Defender Vinyl/Rubber/Plastic Guard forms a molecular bond with the surface meaning less product is required, blacks are blacker, colors are deeper while protecting substrate against harsh environmental contaminants.

Revive Gel - Ultimate Restorer for Vinyl / Rubber / Plastic

Revive Gel is the ultimate product for restoration of faded and sun damaged vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. This specially formulated polymer emulsion moisturizes, reduces and prevents dry rot and dulling while delivering a deep, dark finish and shine that is resistant to airborne contaminants, water and detergents. No streak, no drip. Delivers extreme shine and protection restoring beauty to old and faded rubber, plastic and vinyl. Use on faded vinyl, trim, plastic, tires, hoses, molding, bumpers and more. Highly efficient, a little goes a long way!

All-Purpose Cleaner

Use Ducky All Purpose Cleaner for general cleaning, grease, oils, spills etc. Non-toxic and biodegradable.


Electro-Seal is a waterproof, flexible and permanent rubber coating that will act as a barrier against moisture-causing rust and corrosion, even when totally submerged. Electro-Seal can be applied on any surface to provide a rubberized body that conforms to any surface with an extremely tight bond. Dries crystal clear and will not discolor or harm any surface. Electro-Seal is ideal for use as an insulator for electricity. The volume resistance of this material makes it ideal for use on terminals to protect against corrosion and moisture. It can be used as an insulator in connection boxes and exterior wire connections.

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