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Electro-Seal 11 oz. Spray Can

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  • Electrical Waterproofing: flexible and permanent rubber coating that will act as a barrier against moisture-causing rust and corrosion, even when totally submerged.
  • Multi Use: For use on electrical panels, circuit boards, battery terminals, wire connections, and even nuts and bolts that are prone to rust.
  • Easy to Use: Spray on and watch it dry in minutes. Can be applied on any surface to provide a rubberized body that conforms to any surface with an extremely tight bond.
  • Dries Clear: Dries crystal clear and will not discolor or harm any surface. The clear dry formula allows for easy visual inspection of all wires.
  • Electro-Seal: 11 oz. can - Covers approximately 60 square feet. A 4 mil coating will withstand 300 volts (1 mil per coat).