Speed Shield Ceramic Spray Coating

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Speed Shield Ceramic Spray Coating is the ultimate protection for any car, truck, boat, and watercraft. Innovative Ceramic Spray Coating is engineered with Si02 nanotechnology to protect vehicles for maximum durability. Designed to protect painted surfaces, plastics, vinyl, glass, wheels, chrome, metals, stainless steel, fiberglass, gel coat and aluminum. Apply to virtually any surface to protect against dirt, road grime, salt water, UV solar rays, and hard water spots for up to 1 year. Delivers a crystal smooth finish with a super slick feel. The easy-to-use sprayable coating instantly bonds for a long-lasting shine and protection. Speed Shield Ceramic Spray Coating repels water and dirt for hydrophobic protection. Designed for all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold. Makes any surface easier to clean and dry. Multispectral solar blockers protect against UVA and UVB rays to prevent fading. Works on all vehicles including aircraft and industrial equipment. Protect your shine with Speed Shield Ceramic Spray Coating.

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well – Wash & Clean Surface Before Applying Coating – Remove Contamination Using a Clay Bar Treatment and Polish Paint or Metal to Restore Shine – Spray Coating on Applicator Pad or Microfiber Towel – Spread Speed Shield Evenly Over Surface – Allow Coating To Dry For 30 Seconds – Remove Coating Using a Microfiber Towel For a Flawless Finish – Allow Coating To Cure For 4-6 Hours Before Exposing To Water or Moisture – Maintain Surface With Ducky Products For Best Results - Stay Clean With Ducky Products!