Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel

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Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel is designed to instantly remove tough water stains and spots. The super strength formula tackles the toughest water spot jobs for fast results. Designed to work on all automoVve, marine, industrial, and aircraW. Since 1989, Ducky Products has craWed quality water spot removes to restore original appearance. We are the water spot experts. Our easy-to-use water spot remover is clearcoat safe and works on paint, metal, chrome, fiberglass, gelcoat and much more. Professional strength gel instantly removes salt water stains on boats and marine watercraW. Great for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. Super strength formula neutralizes and erases alkaline and hard water mineral deposits. Non-abrasive formula safety cleans sprinkler stains from cars and trucks. Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel is engineered for fast-acVng cleaning power on mineral stains. Always trust Ducky for the best water spot remover. Tackle the most extreme water stains with Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel.

*Super Strength Formula Requires Rinsing of Call Residual Product From Surface*
DIRECTIONS: Shake Well – Surfaces Must Be Cool or Wet – Work In a 2’x2’ Area – Spray Direct on Tough Water Spots – Clean Surfaces Using Microfiber Towel, Brush, or Wash Mia – Massage Surface UnVl Water Spots are Removed – Fully Rinse Surface with Clean Water To Neutralize – Dry Surface – Apply Ducky Wax or CoaVng To Protect Surface and Prevent Future Water Spots – Stay Clean With Ducky Products!

*Super Strength Formula Requires Rinsing of Call Residual Product From Surface*